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Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan car rent

Dear travelers, what do you think about travelling in Central Asia? Our car rent company is sure that after a few years this area will be converted into the touristic Mecca. Our car rent company is looking forward to greet you here and we hope that you will come and enjoy all the beauties of Central Asia! This auto renting company is very glad to invite you into such countries, as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The cities of Central Asia as Bishkek, Almaty, Dushanbe, Osh, Jalal-Abad and others possess very interesting architecture style, which was under the influence of different cultures, as Turkic, Arabic, Soviet, Russian and others. The villages here are also very picturesque, they are situated on the mountain sides and attract by the serenity, harmony and appeasement. Our cars for rent will get you to any place you want. Choose to drive the cars for rent of our auto company and feel yourself inside the fortress.

Be a partner of our car rent organization and drive through Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan and you will not regret. You can explore the life of nomads. They live in the traditional yurts - round tents, covered with felt. These yurt is divided into zones: the right zone from the center of the yurt, when the face is directed to the entrance is men's part. Left part is women's. Also, the central part is devoted to the honorable guests. It is called "tor". Children and daughters-in-law are sitting near the entrance of the yurt. As a guest, you will sit in the center of the yurt. When auto tour ends, submit the cars for rent to the cities of Bishkek, Almaty and Dushanbe and enjoy driving!

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