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15th July 1955 State of the Faculty of Physical Education Kyr gyzskogo Pedagogical Institute of the Institute was opened HYDRATED Kyrgyz State Institute of Physical Culture. Most of the practical and methodological support institutions had, teams of Moscow and Lening radskogo sports institutions. Its walls have successfully Ph.D., Leningrad AV Egurov (the first rector of the institute), VA Khorobrikh, P. Po, DA Alipov, EK Polyakov worked. Developed his own experienced teachers, coaches, athletes significantly increased skill. The title of world champion in freestyle won the medium de Young Sokolov. In the all-Union, are the Euro pean and international competitions in shooting, oh master of sports as part of Andreev. Made significant progress: K. Muktar in the Greco-Roman wrestling, A. Tarev 5 sports. High skill kyrgyzskih athletes the way to the Olympics skie. In 1960 the Olympic Games in IU Rea games involved the Champion of the USSR AS Mursalimov. In the next Olympics athletes participated: L. Ivanov (1964), Chichaeva B. (1972), Cor v. Saks (1972), O. Bartsch (1968, 1972, 1976), A. Moore Salimov (Reiter, 1964) A. Anarbaev (swimming, 1972), A. Abushahmetov (fencing, 1976). In the 70s there was a new large group of top athletes.



Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 006

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking round

Duration: 9 Days


Day 1: The first day of our tour  begins with a trip to the village of Barskoon Jyrgalang  in Kyrgyzstan by car. Kilometers: 150 Time: 3-4 hours. Our tab, you will meet with your horses. After a dinner during a trip to transmit pass Kyzylmoinok and reduced to the Valley of the Ram, and along the river of the Ram. There you will cross it 7-8 times and have to night in Valley Archator in Kyrgyzstan. Distance: 10 km. Time: 2-3 hours. After a dinner night in tents.

Day 2: In the morning you will start walking tour  from Archator before driving and Ashytor Kyzyltor Pass (3649 m). The dinner will be organized on a travel  way. Here you will meet the local people, very kind and hospitable shepherds. To test milk a mare "Kymyz", and to see the validity of the Kyrgyz people in Kyrgyzstan. At 19:00 clock dinner is presented. Overnight accommodation is organized in tents.

Day 3: After breakfast, the ever closer to tip the pass, you are grasping spirit of Bergen Pikov Hana Tengry Pobeda and be surprised. Then transfer Uchkungoi valley. After a dinner night in tents.

Day 4: Trekking tour  makes a tour  and travel to the Canyon of Uchkungoi Echkilitash Saryjaz along the river. Here you will find beautiful mountain lakes and pastures of Kyrgyzstan. Your night in tents organized.

Day 5: breakfast. We will be trekking tour  along the river, and then you will come closer past Tuz (4001 m). Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. At 19:00 clock dinner is presented. Overnight accommodation of tour  is organized in tents.

Day 6: In the morning you will begin to travel on foot to pass Tuz and night on the river bank Engilchek. At 19:00 clock dinner of tour  is presented.

Day 7: In the morning you will begin to walk tour  in the journey - Jailoo (meadows) and Mountain Lake, where you can see glaciers Engilchek. The dinner will be organized on a way. All round you see mountain flowers (Edelweiss), the. The pride of our country, and a national flower of Switzerland

Day 8: Round of trekking tour  and travel along the river and back is Kaiyndy Dunguromo and shepherds and herdsmen of a yak here. Distance: 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. After a dinner night in tents.

Day 9: Last day of our tour  , it will be completed with the pedestrian tourist village Kunan pass. In the afternoon you return to Barskoon. Absorbed a hot water bath. After a night's dinner in the private house.


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