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Ak-Suu pass. Located in the central part of the Kungei Ala-Too, between the upper reaches of the rivers Chon-Ak-Suu (the basin of the lake Issyk-Kul) and Ak-Suu river (a tributary of the Chon-Kemin, Chu River Basin).


In the north west of the pass, the glacier Ak-Suu is located (the northern slope of Kungei Ala) and south-east - on the upper reaches of the river Chon-Ak-Suu. In geomorphological type - destructive ice pass, that eroded the river first, and then processed by a glacier during the Pleistocene, probably Peremetnoe kind. The pass connects the upper reaches of the valley with the valley Chonkeminskoy Chon-Ak-Suu and Issyk-Kul basin.


Ak-Suu (Semenov) Gorge. The asphalt is laid in the mountains 15 km from the village Semenovka (named after the Russian explorer Peter Semenov, "Tien Shan"). The road runs through the valley of Chon-Ak-Suu ("Great White Water"), past the campsite "Kyrchin" (a hotel with 240 beds, and other facilities), and leads to Jailoo (Alm, 2010 m) to the river Ak-Suu Kichi ("Small White Water").



Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 006

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking round

Duration: 15 days


Day 1: We will go to Bishkek we ask to Kara Sai in Kyrgyzstan. We spend days in Kara Sai Village. Day dedicated to local pastors in the village and our horses know to prepare for a journey to learn.

Day 2: We will have a walk around 25-30km from Kara Sai Kyr Tash Lake to camp there and set. Overnight in tents.

Day 3: After a delicious breakfast, we begin the round by a trekking tour and travel with Kyr Tash in Kyrgyzstan, we go 25-30km by Besh Moinok the valley before opening the Canyon Yshtyk. We adapt the base camp here.

Day 4: Today we have a trekking tour round freely without prepare by Yshtyk Canyon, Canyon by Baralbas to Boz Jalpak valley and then back to our camp in Canyon Yshtyk in Kyrgyzstan.

Day 5: Today we have a trekking tour and travel round total of 25-30km возглавление Canyon Yshtyk visit a sanctuary of the shepherds for the meal and then in the afternoon to our next camp in Kyr Tash valley. The dinner will be organized on a way. Overnight in tents.

Day 6: Trekking tour makes a journey of Kyr Tash us on a trek, 25-30km by Kara Sai River, Ak to pass from Bell and set up camp along the river Taragai.

7th Day: We have a 25-30km trek and travel volatile lake Ara Bell through the valley of the Rocky Top May to Jashyl Kol lake have become. Overnight in tents.

Day 8: We have a round rekking, 25-30km by Juuku Pass (3663 m) passing through a mountain lake. We adapt Chong Tash camp in "Big Stone" in Valley Juuku.

Day 9: Today we have a trekking tour round, 25-30km by river Juuku and merge Juuku and Kashka Suu rivers. We spend time with pastors in a yurt camp.

Day 10: We will hike tour around 25-30km down the valley to Juuku Jyluu Suu Hot Springs for that purpose, where we can enjoy a natural bath of a hot spring. The dinner will be organized on a tour way.

Day 11: After a delicious breakfast, we begin the trek Jyluu Suu, we go 25-30km Bashy valley by valley Kyzylsky Sai and Blow River Bulak Chychkan with devocalization representations of Issyk-Kulsky lake on the tour way. Camp Kok pass from Bell. Overnight in tents.

Day 12: We are a trek, 25-30km to the pass Kok Bell, our next camp at Valley Tereksky Ak.

Day 13: Today our round of a trekking tour is free, is not the mechanism in Tereksky River and Ak Glacier Mongu, then loop back to our base camp in Ak Terek.

Day 14: We are a trekking tour round 25-30km Kok Bulak have the river valley by Kindik and Kichi Jargylchak the river. Overnight in tents.

Day 15: Last day of our trek we will be back by Sary Bulak and Chong Jargylchak River, where a hot bath, the hot dinner and overnight in the private home Barskoon wait.



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