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. Akayev family was from Abylai entering the large tribal union "sarybagysh" ("yellow elk) home village Akayev is Kemin (Chui) Among the ancestors of Akayev -. Shabdan Batyr, who as one of the leaders of Russian policy in Central Asia in the nineteenth century was .

Ala-Archa gorge. Kyrgyz ridge. There are many walks and visits to the glaciers and for the serious climber - climbing the highest peaks.

The most popular and most of climbers area Ak-Sai Glacier, in the Ala-Archa is visited. Over 150 routes from the simplest to the most complex of walls up to 1100 meters. There are four cabins, three of them are small (about 4x4 meters) and a stone is comfortable and can accommodate up to 20 people. From the end of the road in the Ala-Archa gorge to the large hut in the parking lot of the Ak-Sai 3 hours walking. Other Ala-Archa gorge - Adygene, Topkaragai, Tuyuk visited Golubina much less Ak-Sai and do not have such unique opportunities for climbing. The height difference of 600 meters, and the roads are easy and medium difficulty, but there are many more possibilities for new routes.


Kyrgyzstansky Trekking: Approximately 007

Mission: Kyrgyzstan

Activity: Trekking round

Duration: 8 days


Day 1: Arrival at the airport Manas. Pass in Bishkek. The day starts with a strengthening breakfast. To be adjusted at the hotel to give you interviews with sights, the Oak Park, will include the Wing - Too Square, Philharmonic Hall, Statue of Manas, the Victory Square. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream at the hotel.

Day 2: In the morning transfer to Karakol. Survey of sights day (the Russian Orthodox Cathedral and Mosque Dungan). Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in Karakol in small hotel in the evening.

Day 3 in the morning and change engine Karakol 4WD bus early the Russian army vehicle (uazik). You then assign the south along a river valley Karakol. 4 army trucks WD go the fascinating mountain road by airing a fur-tree wood and rocks of the valley between devocalization Karakol. The next stage - round of a trekking valley Крыла-Kul in fir. A dinner and suddenly in tents at Camp Sirota (2800 m). The dinner will be organized on a way. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream.

Day 4. After breakfast you will have a trekking be a valley of receipt amount Today you are transferred Alakol lake. A dinner in the lake. He sits at a height of 3532 meters above sea level. Than 2.3 km in length and 700 meters through, are a Basque beret of water from thawing glaciers and turns to good falls at the other end. Today we will also pass through the wing Kul (3860 m) are executed and then we will go to gorge Keldike. A dinner and suddenly in tents in the canyon Keldike (3200 m).

Day 5: In an early morning hike to make a trip to the valley Altyn Arashan. "Altyn Arashan" while Kyrgyz is "gold весен" and known by, it's natural medical Sulfur Hot Springs. A free time for recreation or to visit Hot Springs. The dinner will be organized on a way. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in the wooden house (2600 m) in the evening.

Day 6: After breakfast a trek along the main road will be. Take a vehicle. The engine for the city of Karakol very fascinating mountain road. Arrival in Karakol. Convenient vehicle turning air conditioning on the bus. Drive to Cholpon-Ata. Day to relax at sea. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in a small hotel in the evening.

Day 7: After breakfast pass to Bishkek. Stop in a way Burana Tower, the ancient city of Balasagyn - see exit (XI, XIII). Day is free. Enjoy a delicious dinner and a dream in small hotel or hotel in the evening.

Day 8: Pass to the airport for your first flight.



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