Ala Archa gorge

Ala Arch gorge is considered to be one of the most beautiful national parks in Kyrgyzstan and one of favorites both for tourists and locals. It takes place just 45 km from Bishkek city which mean that during one hour drive you will rise from 750 to 2100 meters above sea level. The name Ala-Archa means Bright Juniper. These trees are encountered everywhere in Kyrgyzstan. For Kyrgyz it is considered to be a sacred tree that they use almost in all their traditional rites. A new born child is put into a cradle that is made of juniper tree, when a person becomes sick he is smoked by juniper trees smoke to scare away the evil spirits, and when the just married couple is settled in a new yurt or a house, it is all smoked with juniper bush to clarify from evils by a very old and respected woman of the village.

Ala Archa is just the right place to have an unforgettable day off. You can have a track (5 hours) to Ak Sai waterfall or just to have a nice walk along the mountain river that flows in the gorge.



9 a.m. You will leave your hotel with your tour guide

9.45 a.m.   Our first stop on the way to the gorge is the Baitik Kanaev. He is known to be the ruler of Solto tribe  who conquered Bishkek fortress. At those hard times this tower belonged to Uzbek people when Kyrgyz  were obliged to pay high taxes. Baitik Kanaev fought them to go away and saved the independence of Kyrgyz tribes. Here you are able to learn about different rituals that Kyrgyz tribes used to practice in previous times.

10.30 a.m. This is the time when we arrive in the gorge. Then you will have an option whether you will have a track to the waterfall or you will walk along the gorge.

12.30 p.m. Picnic in the open air.

3.30 p.m.   You go back to the hotel.